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Hiring Trevor and Raiyne with Reel Time Films as our videographer was hands down the best decision my wife made for our wedding. Granted she made a ton of perfect decisions and our wedding was amazing, the video T & R shot and produced is absolutely captivating. I have watched it no less than a dozen times in the last 24 hours. We posted it to Facebook yesterday and it has 1,500 views already and we have a relatively small network. Let me tell you why Reel Time Films is amazing from a day-of standpoint. Trevor and Raiyne got to our venue before we did and began shooting drone footage early to get the right lighting. They use super-top-dollar equipment so the video is Hollywood quality 4k, 8k, 100k - I don't even know k, it is amazing. Audio is the same. Trevor is a producer and director but does so in the most polite and noninvasive manner you can imagine. He and Raiyne work around the other commotion of wedding day. After our wedding got going, it was like they were not even there but they captured every single glorious moment of it. They shoot all day and in unison with other photographers. Trevor is looking to capture little details and motion that still photography cannot grab - expressions and movements and emotions that you will want to remember forever that simply cannot be realized through a still shot. When it is all said and done and the big day is over, the real magic begins. Post-production takes vision and experience. Trev and Raiyne have it. Imagine how difficult it is to take hours and hours of video and audio and stitch it into a high-quality production piece. The video that they delivered to us is out of this world. We love it and everyone else loves it. The positive sentiments have been rolling in like wildfire. I could not be happier about the entire experience and final product. The video was delivered to us much faster than I expected which means Trevor and Raiyne take great pride in their work and spent a lot of hours getting it prepared. My advice to those that take the time to read this review is, spend the money and buy the videographer - it is worth it. My honest recommendation is Reel Time Films because I have lived their experience. I hope this helps someone pull the trigger on purchasing this videographer; you will not regret it. Reel Time Films is exceptionally experienced and professional. Could not be happier about the entire experience and final production quality.



Reel Time Films was great to work with! They are so personable, friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely talented. My husband and I got married in November 2018 and were amazed by our wedding video and all of the raw footage that Reel Time Films created and captured. We would absolutely recommend Reel Time Films to everyone we know because they were understanding of all of our visions for our video, added insight into innovative ideas for the video, and were very kind to us, our family/friends, and our wedding vendors on one of the most important days of our lives. Amazing work and amazing people!



I had made a last minute decision that I wanted a video of our wedding. We were having a destination wedding in Charleston (we live in FL) and the prices for videographers were more than what I was really wanting to spend or the ones I liked were booked. A mutual friend recommended Trevor. I am sooo thrilled that Trevor was more than willing to make last minute plans to travel and recorded our wedding! He is so laid back and easy to work with. His work is incredible! Way more affordable then I anyone I found out of state. Trevor has an amazing gift! My husband and I feel extremely lucky to have stumbled on to such a professional and gifted young man. He communicates and completes his work in a timely manner, encourages feedback, and is a good soul. He also works extremely well with other vendors. His work is seriously top notch and you won't be disappointed!

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Trevor and Raiyne made our wedding video dreams come true! They were so fun and easy to work with and captured every moment of our perfect day! They work amazing with other vendors and communicated wonderfully throughout our entire experience. We enjoyed having them as such a huge part of our wedding day and look forward to our next big event and having them capture as many amazing memories as they already have for us! A++ in our book and we truly enjoyed your professionalism and amazing camera skills! You guys are amazing!

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I found Trevor after being in a state of emergency after having to cancel the videographer I had booked the WEEK OF my wedding. Trevor came to the rescue and agreed to come not only to video tape our wedding, but he came the day of rehearsal just to meet us and take some extra shots of the property. I couldn’t be more grateful for him. This was hands down the BEST investment we made for our entire wedding



My husband and I weren't sure at first if we wanted a videographer for our destination wedding, but we are so happy we decided to use Reel Time Films! Trevor was very responsive, professional, and answered all of our questions beforehand. He made sure to get all the shots we requested (we especially loved the drone footage) and we absolutely loved the end result! Trevor and Raiyne were a fun couple to work with and we are so thankful they captured our wedding!



My wife was really big into the idea of hiring a videographer and in the beginning I didn’t understand the point. Now that are weddings complete, it’s one of the best decisions we could have made going with Reel Time Films. Trevor and Raiyne did a phenomenal job the entire day, they made my wife, myself and are bridal party feel incredibly comfortable. So glad that we will have so much footage to look back on of that special day. Thanks so much!!

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I can’t brag enough on this couple and the work they put in! Not only are they such a fun addition to your wedding crew, but they do amazing work! Being that our wedding video is what we have to remember our day by, I can’t be more thankful that not one special moment went unseen! We were so impressed with the turn around, the ease of communication and the professionalism provided by Reel Time Films and we would choose them a million times over!

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Seriously the best day ever and reliving it everyday is a dream come true! Hope you all enjoy the video as much as we did. Trevor McDonald, you did an amazing job and we can't thank you enough.

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REEL TIME FILMS is without a doubt the most professional, caring and fun couple to work with! They made my husband and I feel very comfortable and at ease while they captured every important & precious moment of our wedding day! We are so happy and grateful to have the most beautiful video to remember forever! They were so easy to communicate with and even got us a "sneak peak" of our video the NEXT DAY! Our full video was ready just TWO days after our wedding! Can't recommend them enough! :)



My sister and parents surprised us with a wedding videographer and it was the best gift ever! I probably watched our wedding video hundreds of times. The shots, the lighting , and the music was all prefect! I don't feel like I have to brag too much about how awesome Trevor and Raiyne are, their works speaks for itself. I was also super nervous about having a camera shoved in my face but its nothing like that, honestly I couldn't tell you where Trevor was most of night but somehow managed to get every shot! They are very professional and worked awesome with my photographer (which is a huge plus in my opinion) and other vendors! Can't go wrong with these two!



My husband and I had the privilege of having reel time films videograph our wedding and we couldn’t be any hairier with how our wedding was captured!! It is so nice to have such a beautiful and artistic summary to the best day of our lives. I highly recommend Trevor to capture your wedding. He has amazing equipment and an artistic eye. You will not be disappointed!! Worth every penny! Also... he got our video back to us so fast!!



I can’t brag enough on this couple and the work they put in! Not only are they such a fun addition to your wedding crew, but they do amazing work! Being that our wedding video is what we have to remember our day by, I can’t be more thankful that not one special moment went unseen! We were so impressed with the turn around, the ease of communication and the professionalism provided by Reel Time Films and we would choose them a million times over!

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Trevor went above and beyond our expectations!!! He did an amazing job on capturing one of the biggest days of our life; our wedding day! We even had a surprise dance routine and he did a phenomenal job of capturing that also. We got a video of the entire wedding, a beautiful custom made YouTube video that included music and editing, and our surprise dance routine video. We HIGHLY recommend his work. What he did for us is something we can look back on for years to come. Thank you again Trevor!



Everyone couple getting married needs a videographer! Nothing beats looking back at your wedding and reliving the happiest day of your life! Trevor did an amazing job with filming our wedding! He got all the greatest moment captured! Our video was so beautiful! We can’t thank him enough for all the hard and incredible work he did with our wedding video! It’s something we will cherish for the rest of our lives!! This team is amazing and we recommend them to everyone!!



When my husband and I initially started wedding shopping we weren't too sure on the idea of hiring a Videographer. It just seemed like "an extra expense." But then my brother and SIL got married and they had a videographer at their wedding. Their wedding video brought me to tears and that was the moment I knew we HAD to hire a Videographer ourselves! I remember seeing a few Wedding videos posted by Reel Time Films. So I ran over to YouTube and watched them more intently this time around. Trevor's work was absolutely INCREDIBLE. We just had to hire him! So we contacted Trevor just barely a few months before our wedding and thank goodness he was available on our special day!! Trevor is SUPER Talented. My husband had an Idea in his head that he wanted to add a "End credit scene" Just like the Marvel movies, except my husband is in LOVE with Jurassic Park so it had to be centered around a Dinosaur. Bryan and I brought this up to Trevor, and Trevor was beyond ecstatic and ready to attempt this crazy project and vision Bryan had in mind. We talked about it for hours, he filmed it in maybe less than 30 minutes at our rehearsal dinner. And it came out even more PERFECT than we could have ever imagined. He kept sharing little sneak peak clips and we just were over the moon. Then the next day, Trevor became even more incredible at our wedding. He showed up early to get beautiful footage of our venue, and then he LITERALLY ran back and forth between me and my husband all day long before the ceremony making sure to get shots of every little detail of us getting ready. He was even called Stealthy a few times from people around us. He would disappear quickly to the guys and the next thing you know he was already behind us girls shooting more footage again. He was super fun to be around and very professional! We can't even begin to describe how incredibly happy and amazed we are with our wedding video. It is absolutely perfect, beautiful and totally shows our crazy fun relationship and family and friends! We will forever have the memories of our guests getting their dance on, the precious moment of my father and I walking down the aisle, and the beautiful moments between both of our mothers and our dances with them, and many many more! I know my absolute favorite part of our video is having some of our vows to each other in it to be able to hear forever. He was SUPER fast at getting us our video. We were highly impressed. We absolutely recommend Trevor to EVERYONE who is looking for a videographer. Trevor is your man! You will not be disappointed!!



I met Trevor and his team through another wedding and from that moment I knew I had to hire RTF. Their outgoing personality and willingness to go above and beyond for the perfect shot really stood out to me. Video may feel like an extra investment to some couples, but being able to have the ability to see facial expressions, see your venue again, see the details you maybe didn't have time to look at on the day of make video SO WORTH IT. Trevor's team is professional, easy to work with, flexible, and so reasonable! My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better match and we are so pleased with our memory that will last a lifetime. Pictures are important but live video footage is something I'd regret if I didn't have.